So far... [work in progress]
The fiery shenanigans.

the story seems to soley follow Yen Sid and Krugg as core characters of the original party. Beetle the bard having vanished in the night. The small Wild girl running into the woods after the mines blew. the slow death of Irrileth. and the mad slaughter of Quinn by the insane paladin.

Yen sid, Beetle , Krugg, Quinn, and Irilleth set out from Port Harr, headed east toward the Sundun Strip mines in search of pokonin, wealth, and adventure. Beetle quickly brought them some grief in the next town however, somewhat instigated by Quinn. this forced the party to make fast to the woods in the night.

after several days travel the group fought some wolves and a Fire Infused Wolf. they also met a farmer on the road, seemingly of no consequence and bought some vegetables for food. later that night beetle engaged with the farmer on his watch as the slow old man pulled into camp. it came to be realized that this man was in fact a devil, a maker of deals. and Beetle, the ever craven man he was, wished to be inhuman, a vampire, the devil twisted the wish to make him the most horrific in visage of the vampires, a Nosferatu, and after a bit of confusion with Krugg, the two left the party, distrustful of each other.

about a day after Krugg and Beetle disappeared, the group came upon a wandering holy knight, a caravan guardsman at that. and he volunteered to assist the party in thier journey to get to the mines. This however caused conflict to arise when in the next rest stop the party found two drug smugglers whom Irrileth tried to steal from, this set the party at odds, Quin vs Irrileth, and the paladin between. after a long fight Irrileth was scooped up onto the paladin’s horse and forced to ride away, he left her to walk back to camp, however she fell prey to a giant leech, it’s light touch going nearly unnoticed as it drained her of her blood, the paladin returned to find her corpse later, and snapped with the knowlege that he had left her to her death. he returned to camp and attacked Quinn and Yen sid, the latter of whom was able to escape, after which the paladin committed suicide due to the deeds he’d wrought.

Yen Sid was left alone, wandering towards the mines, covered in wounds and blood, until he came back upon Krugg, an oddly friendly face without Beetle to accompany him, then soon after met the Wild Child and the Dragonborn Khale. soon after they emerged from the woods, and finaly lay eyes on the mine, they made thier way to the surveyors office and down into the valley of a mine, following the sounds of explosions, and the smell of fire.

the party seemed fortunate, the new dragonborn was resistant to fire, and was able to dig out the most dense concentrations of pokonin form the dig site, other adventurers and fortune seekers digging carefully around the hems. Krugg the ogre also took to digging, but being of lesser wit chose to simply dig a giant hole with no clear purpose, however he did indeed find something, among some sparse [rainbow pokonin] he also dug up an old battered metal bucket, a few shiny objects, and a vibrant red raw gem, which he gingerly lay with his other findings on his shield. to what point Gilder the gnome approached and began collecting the findings with Krugg’s permissions, but haphazardly clunk the gem into the bucket without thought, the whistle that ensued startles gilder into throwing the gem into the nearby water that had filled much of the mines from the rains during the week. the ensuing sub-aqueous explosion turned the pond red and sent steam billowing towards the sky, the few flame bursts that escaped the water turned whatever they hit into flaming red areas of the material that had been normal up til that point. later in the evening as the party put down for the evening, gilder befuddled, Krugg and Khale exhausted, Yen sid disgruntled by the local profiteering merchants, and the wild girl creeping about. The scent of flowers attracted the wild girl to the tent of an elvish noble full of pomp that the others had seen earlier. she startled the man and a bit of chaos ensued, though was resolved peaceably, what they didn’t know was that their sleep was not to be so peaceful.

Hours later, the pillar of steam had all but depleted every last drop of water, and dull red clouds hung in the sky of the early morn, the only ones with any warning, those lucky few who woke before dawn and took it as an omen and ran. soon after a droplet of fire fell, striking a tent, then another, then dozens, till the party awoke to screams and shouts, all but Khale awoke and ran for cover. Khale however lay comfortably sleeping, the fiery rain no bother to him as his underclothes and supplies burned to nothing. soon he woke though, and the party converged as the fire became a downpour and the surrounding wilderness was set ablaze, many of the others had not found shelter before succumbing to the magical storm and the scent of charred flesh hung in the air. Khale decided to investigate a depression in the bottom of the mine, and found in the hot mud a hidden underground stream, waterfall, and cavern. he made his way down and scouted about until he saw bones, then he retreated and waited with the party until the rain died down.

the party made their way down into the cavern and found several tunnels bore into the walls past a mass grave, several Necrophidius took lair in these small tunnels, but were destroyed, with a little effort. gilder summoned a giant mole to help widen the tunnels so Krugg could crawl through, on the other side they exited into a cave in which a flaming skeletal dragon held dominion. they fought hard against it until it fell, revealing a vibrant red sword, that sprung to life in the hands of an ephemeral blazing knight. the fight was fast and brutal. but he was cut down in the end. Krugg was awarded his sword, and the party looked around, since danger was no longer present. the cave was covered in volatile crystals, all of which were carfuly avoided until they noticed a coffin covered in them. after determining that opening it would be too risky everyone went to bed, except gilder, who proceded to try and open it anyway, he succeded. inside was a skeleton grasping an amulet set with a crystal of vibrant red, he took it and received a vision of a chamber with several larger crystals of varying hues.

after the vision and some experimentation with the amulet that resulted in gilder falling through the sky near Avanti, the sky continent and then returning swiftly.

(catching up a bit faster) the party nearly escaped with a lid full of crystals unscathed, however one came dislodged while climbing and began whisling, what followed was a catastrophic pyroclastic event that destroyed the mines. the party ran until they could run no more, the wild girl off into the woods, not to be seen again.

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