Monastic groups

Dojo of falling thunder: a very physically taxing monastic order that demands perfection of technique before teaching it’s students of the elemental fist of lightning and the falling thunder strike. it often takes years before students are ready for their first test, those who are not ready often die from the experience.

the folded path: an order more of mind and moral than physical training, they usually perform tai chi as their “one of body” and advocate conscious walking, often causing the monks from this order to be less quick to act, but all the more wise and cunning

The Demon eaters: a group of religious monks who use rituals and ki magic to fight outsiders, though they do not actually feast on the flesh of demons, they adopt a “fight fire with fire” mentality and draw on the power of the lower planes to defeat the very creatures from those planes.

the Umi: a very philosophical monastic order the Umi (the ocean) often views itself as more a body of ever flowing water, washing where nature takes it. many follow desna, the goddess of travelers and they can be found all around the world, often considered the most diverse of the monastic orders, they teach a combination of discipline and free spirited lifestyle/

the Iconoclast order: these monks are very reliant on their own physical and mental abilities, the grand masters of this order even shunning the use of Ki, even though it is accepted, they believe that magic is a temptation and a tool for those who cannot do for themselves. While some sects vie for the abolishment of magic, most of the order is simply content with separating themselves from it and training themselves in body, mind, and spirit.

the Vehement fist: a small order that is hard to track down but is know around the world. the vehement fist are vicious and powerful, rumors say only one new apprentice is taken every ten years, but that their secrets are great and hold terrible power. the only evidence of their passing is a fist painted in blood on a single building they leave standing in their wake, with no survivors.

the Tellers: Little is known about this group, rumors vary wildly about their connections and motivations, all that is know i that they are obviously part of some sort of secret society.

Monastic groups

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